Obama the Bore

President Obama is going to lose his bid for re-election.  Not just because of the anemic recovery,  stubborn unemployment, runaway spending, staggering deficits,  lack of public faith in his ability as commander-in-chief, his hostility towards Israel's government, the rise of the Tea Party, or the Republican-favoring implications of redistricting on the electoral map.  Those are all factors, and the coming months will provide endless columns discussing each. (Of this I am sure, for I intend to write some of them.)     But there is a more fundamental reason he'll lose: Barack Obama, once perceived as extraordinary, now just seems extra-ordinary.   He has gotten politically boring.   And America does not re-elect boring presidents. Obama isn't boring in the same conventional, square, policy-wonk manner of so many other politicians; he still acts cool, plays basketball, and parties with Hollywood's A-list.   But as a...(Read Full Article)