Mumbai vs. Oslo

Just days before a barbarian (alone and belonging to no one, no group, just the twisted sickness of a legend in his own broken mind) murdered over seventy people in Norway, the city of Mumbai was attacked in a brutal jihad by Muslim extremists, again.  Hear about that?  Not so much. But one cold-blooded killer who has been planning a slaughter in Norway (setting his plan in motion since before 9/11) has become the rallying cry of the dhimmedia in service to the most radical and extreme ideology on the face of the earth. Where is the same obsessive drive to determine the motivation and the manifesto behind the jihad?  Where are the investigative reports on the imams and the mosques that teach, advance, and prescribe violence?  Where is the Woodward and Bernstein team to investigate what motivated a Muslim to gun down U.S. soldiers in Arkansas? Where's the round-the-clock coverage of the Muslim Najibullah Zazi, who plotted to blow up the New York subway system with...(Read Full Article)