Meet Your 'Choice Architect'

I had the privilege of briefly speaking with a prominent economist at a recent event I attended.  After hearing all of the uplifting news about the economic peril we are in, I had one burning question: Why is it that what I assume to be intelligent people (Obama, Geithner, Bernanke, Reid, et al.) are hurling us down this obviously unsustainable and destructive path -- to what end would they do so?  His answer: "Power."  Let that sink in a moment. While I shouldn't have been surprised by that answer, I was.  So much so, that I responded, "Really?"  Not because I couldn't believe it, but because it seemed like such a colossal waste.  I realize that human nature has a dark side, and human history is replete with characters that inarguably demonstrate the obviousness of it.  But I had hoped that the freedom, prosperity, and opportunity so many have experienced and have access to here in the United States, versus any other nation that currently is or has...(Read Full Article)