Mayhem In Norway

It seems indecent to analyze mass murder, and all the more so when perpetrated against young people.  There are lessons to be learned from a national tragedy, a personal disaster.  But an endless minute of silence runs like an undertow through all the words that follow. Because this story unfolded over a weekend in July, reports were sketchier than usual.  This is why I choose to present my observations as they took shape, day by day.  An update will be published next week. 25 July 2011: The media break big stories with a narrative framework that usually comes from one source and fans out across the globe.  Once the initial impression that Norway, too, was hit by Islamic terrorists had been contradicted, the new narrative clicked into place.  The perpetrator is a conservative Christian ethnic Norwegian Islamophobe; Norwegians are shocked; they don't understand...they don't understand how anyone could do such a thing...kill young people in cold Full Article)