Leftist Mythology of the Spanish Civil War

Seventy-five years ago today, on July 17, 1936, Francisco Franco led the Army of Africa against the Popular Front government in Madrid.  The long Spanish Civil War began.  According to the left, this was a classic conflict between socialism and fascism.  Orwell, and others, saw Bolsheviks in Spain murderously purge all rivals on the left during the war.   The greater lesson of this war is that the "left" is simply a gang of corrupt power-junkies.  The politically correct history given us is grotesquely false.  The Popular Front was not popular Did the Popular Front win the 1936 Spanish general election?  Not really:  it lost the popular vote by 4.91 million to 4.36 million for the Popular Front, and only gross gerrymandering allowed this Popular Front minority to elect even a tiny majority of the seats in the Cortes, and the Popular Front padded its numbers in the Cortes by blatantly partisan election certification.[i]   Franco's...(Read Full Article)