Learning From the Worst Presidents

An increasing number of Americans -- and not just conservatives -- are expressing the opinion that Barack Obama's presidency is as calamitous for the United States as was that of Jimmy Carter.  If so, then in the relatively short span of three decades, America has experienced two spectacularly flawed presidencies, each comparable to only a handful that have occurred over the life of the Republic.  Could these two recent tragedies have been predicted?  Are there any identifiable personality traits, past experiences, or political trajectories that might enable voters to foresee impending abject failure in a presidential candidate? In order to respond to that query, we must ask: who were our worst presidents?  An immediate problem in addressing the question is that in most of the well-known surveys that rank our presidents, the overwhelming majority of the opinions were solicited from leftist historians and political science professors.  Thus, biased thinking...(Read Full Article)