Keeping Up With Van Jones

An anti-capitalist, avowed Communist, and former White House Czar continues an old leftist tradition.    Back in 2009, the public knew little about Van Jones.  Perhaps, if anything, only that he was one czar among many in the Obama Administration.  Like most czars, he did not need to be confirmed by Congress.  However, as more was learned about his radical background, Van Jones was exposed.  Americans were repulsed by what they heard.        With his hateful statements and Communist views revealed, a personal history of radicalism emerged.  A left-wing goody bag assorted with an affinity for anarchism, anti-capitalism, Communism, trutherism, and, as Jones put it, "rowdy" Black Nationalism.  As the pressure grew, Van Jones would resign as "Green Jobs" czar in the fall of 2009.  But he wasn't finished.     Today, nearly two years removed from the White House, he continues to delight "progressives"...(Read Full Article)