Israel's Human Chameleon Strikes Again

In the opening scene of Woody Allen's 1983 film Zelig, F. Scott Fitzgerald is seen to observe a curious little man as he chats with socialites at a sumptuous bash, speaking adoringly of President Coolidge and the Republican Party -- all in an upper class Boston accent. Then, an hour later, the renowned novelist is stunned to see the same man speaking to the kitchen help. Only now he claims to be a Democrat, and his accent has become coarse as if he were one of the crowd. This scene comes to mind when observing the incessant, ideological acrobatics of the Israeli academic Benny Morris.  For years, he basked in the dubious glory of being one of Israel's foremost, homegrown bashers, deriding Zionism as "a colonizing and expansionist ideology and movement ... intent on politically, or even physically, dispossessing and supplanting the Arabs" and going out of his way to fabricate Israel's history so as to prove the sinful circumstances of its birth.  He paraded the Arab canard of...(Read Full Article)