Israel and the Apartheid Slur

The Israel Apartheid Week worldwide "global event" has ended and likewise the controversy has left the news headlines and op-ed pages of almost all newspapers and media outlets.  But I wish to return to apartheid. Even as a Jew, and an Israeli, I do not wish a return to apartheid, in practice, but rather to closer examine this loaded, grossly distorted, and extremely misunderstood term.  Apartheid bears no resemblance to the reality of day-to-day life in Israel.  The planners and attendees of the 2011 Israel Apartheid Week contend that their efforts are to bring equality, peace, prosperity, and strength to a maligned and abused minority population.  I was absent from the events, speeches, and symposiums as to how Israel Apartheid Week will realize such idealistic results.  Any explanation how the intent to isolate Israel-based corporations, through the use of boycott, divestment, and sanctions, will suddenly yield miraculous results is absent throughout their...(Read Full Article)