Is Another Ballot Heist Coming?

The integrity of American elections ought to be above reproach.  Unfortunately, recent history suggests that when candidates are desperate, serious hanky-panky is not out of the question. The 2000 Florida Presidential election was severely marred by Al Gore's botched election robbery.  The massive vote fraud in Palm Beach County stands as immutable proof of the extent that crooked Democrats will go to steal an election.  After botching the robbery in "ballot box boiler rooms," the Democrats resorted to stall tactics, the courts, and endless recounts to steal the election for Gore.  The only mistake the voter frauds made is that they did not destroy enough valid votes. Only in Palm Beach Robert Cook emailed me during and after the 2000 Florida recounts.  I remember that Robert lived in Georgia at the time and he and I were certain of voter fraud in Florida and that the media were actively covering it up.  Robert ran the election numbers and sent them to...(Read Full Article)