India's Resolve

The terror strike in the heart of India is yet another grim reminder of Islamofascism's lethality.   The Mumbai terror bombings have once again put a nation -- long under threat from Muslim radicals -- back on edge.  The attacks, which left 18 dead and scores more wounded, are part of a larger campaign of violence that has targeted India for years.  Those responsible, believed to be the Indian Mujahedeen (IM), chose targets such as the Opera House business district and a bazaar, even placing one bomb near a bus stand.  To ensure maximum carnage, the attacks were carried out during rush hour.  Such are the calculating and cruel methods of terrorists.  Yet, even in the face of evil, the Indian people remain strong.  Schools are open for learning while vendors are open for business.  Fear, the enemy's weapon, must not take hold.  And this, Indians know.  They have experienced this kind of savagery before.  Some examples: In...(Read Full Article)