Grand Theft Alito

The depravity of pop culture cannot be contained by market forces, nor even by parents.  That is why the recent Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Assoc. comes as a disappointment. The studies which have investigated the effects of violent video games on young people have been inconclusive -- the Supreme Court found the sum of the studies to indicate that there are no negative effects and that the studies which conclude otherwise are flawed.  Some researchers have found that violent videogames lead to more aggressive behavior in young people, albeit not necessarily outright violence.  But there need not be scientific evidence that a child will go on a shooting spree after playing Grand Theft Auto to merit our interest in discouraging such forms of entertainment. This case is mired in a murky application of the 1st Amendment, about which reasonable people may disagree.  The implication of the decision is that video games are a form of...(Read Full Article)