Governor Dayton, What's Your Motivation?

Travel to the northern end of Interstate 35 today, and you'll encounter a land where state government has largely closed down.  To hear the mainstream media describe the situation, Governor Mark Dayton, a Democrat, peered at a bloated and busted budget on one hand and a Republican-dominated legislature on the other.  He took a brave stand and shut down the state government rather than knuckle under and give tax breaks to millionaires. Of course, there's another way to look at the matter.  Most on the right would see a tax-and-spend governor ignoring the clear will of the people in order to impose burdensome tax increases rather than make rational cuts to runaway government spending. While I can guess which of these theories makes more sense to the typical American Thinker reader, their comparative merits are not what I'd like to consider here.  Instead, I'd like to consider the motivation of the brave Governor Dayton. First of all, we should give Dayton and his...(Read Full Article)