Gay Men: The Democrats' Reserve Army of Histrionics

In a Slate piece, June Thomas weighs in on the latest dirty politics, namely the rumor that Michele Bachmann's husband Marcus Bachmann is gay.  Thomas is dismayed that Dan Savage used his podcast to humiliate Marcus Bachmann for his lisp: To Savage's ears, it was a gay accent.  Savage played the tape over and over, and reprised it several times throughout the podcast.  He even did his own Bachmann impression, exaggerating the lisp and camping it up. Stop for a moment, and let's ask why anybody would respect Savage at all.  To be sure, Savage has editorialized in the New York Times and other respected papers on ex-gays, Mark Foley/Ted Haggard, Alan Keyes's daughter, and Larry Craig.  His usual invective is aimed at any powerful person not allied to him whom he suspects of being gay or having gay relatives.  Consider his classy missive to Cindy McCain: "It turns out my take on Cindy McCain's NOH8 video wasn't nearly cynical or bitchy enough." He says...(Read Full Article)