'Dreamers' and the Illegal Nightmare

Presently there are two examples of liberal contradiction evidenced in relation to two separate issues involving illegal immigrants.  One situation has to do with an execution in Texas, under the auspices of Republican Governor Rick Perry; and the other is in Washington DC, overseen by the likes of Senator Dick "DREAM-Act" Durbin (D-IL) and driven by the President Obama's goal to grant creeping amnesty to undocumented immigrants. Recently in Washington DC, illegals felt comfortable enough coming out of the shadows to hear Dick Durbin tell a Senate Judiciary subcommittee that people who are in essence guilty of a criminal offense are "America's future," and to encourage those who are not natural born citizens to aspire to the position of president of the United States. Either the esteemed senator needs a crash course in the Constitution, or Durbin, like President Obama, feels the document is flawed and in need of amendment readjustment.  Like most liberals, depending on the...(Read Full Article)