Differentiation is the New Diversity!

If you can't do, then teach.  And if you can't teach, become an education professor.  Education professors can be taken about as seriously as their PhDs.  They both may appear to have heft and authority to an outsider, but on closer inspection, they are both transparently ridiculous.  And what is more, they have taken a perfectly good word and given it an awful connotation: "Differentiate."  For many teachers and principals, that is a big word, and it is clear that they feel sophisticated casually throwing it around: "sure I differentiate my instruction."  To differentiate instruction means to provide a different learning experience for every individual student in the class.  Perhaps there is a student who is just learning English in your class.  And perhaps that student sits next to another who wants to have an in-depth discussion about Shakespeare.  Should these two students prove difficult to teach at once, a normal person might consider...(Read Full Article)