Democrats Heading for the Cliff

Let's give the president and his base the benefit of the doubt.  President Obama honestly thought that his smash-mouth press conference on Wednesday June 29th and his obsession over the Obama-Reid-Pelosi corporate jet stimulus tax credit was nothing more than good presidential leadership.  No doubt  the gay marriage advocates think that their arm-twisting victory on gay marriage in the New York State Senate was nothing more than a principled effort to right an age-old injustice.  Ditto the smash-mouth chappies on MSNBC. Does the playground bully think he is a bully?  Certainly not.  He just thinks that the kids he bullies around are losers. The reason for civility in politics and manners in individuals is not just that it's the right thing to do.  The bigger reason is that polite people and civil politicians avoid making unnecessary enemies.  For politicians, enemies become a real problem when they add up to more than 49 percent of the...(Read Full Article)