Defending Discrimination

Pretend you are walking down an inner city street at 1 A.M.  Less than a block ahead you spot four guys in baggy clothes loitering.  Rather than take the chance of a hostile encounter, you turn down another street that is empty.  Most people would regard this decision as rational and safe.  But guess what?  You just discriminated! Two weeks ago, the U.S. Supreme Court threw out a class action lawsuit against Walmart by 1.6 million females claiming the retail giant discriminated in pay on the basis of gender.  The lawsuit boiled down to Walmart's alleged discriminatory practices of promoting men over women to management positions.  The Supreme Court's rejection stemmed from the absurd notion that one and a half million people all have similar experiences and viable claims.  Putting that issue aside, the real dilemma of the continuing three-ring circus of Walmart lawsuits stems from a matter close to the left's heart: government-imposed...(Read Full Article)