Debt Debate Discloses Dems' Depravity

George W. Bush drove the car straight toward the ditch, but the Obama-Pelosi-Reid team accelerated the vehicle and now we are either in the ditch or at best teetering precipitously on the edge. When Bush left office, the annual budget deficit was a shocking $460 billion and the national debt stood at a gaudy $10.63 trillion. Now, two and one-half years into the Obama era, encompassing two years in which the Dems controlled both the Executive and Congress, the annual deficit has reached a staggering $1.4 trillion -- roughly 40% of the entire annual budget, and the debt has ballooned to $14.35 trillion. This fiscal state of affairs has scared the hell out of the American people -- yet it's only one of three "achievements" of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid team that has mortified the populace. The second is the passage of Obamacare. The third is the Obama Doctrine of "Constrainment" (as explained by Douglas Feith and Seth Cropsey in the July/August issue of Commentary). Sayeth those sage...(Read Full Article)