Confessions of a Birther Evangelist

I am an information technologist by trade and a Birther evangelist by proclivity. When discussing or debating the Birther issues with a newbie, in addition to a transfer education in law, the Constitution, the jurisprudencial system, and history, I frequently am a witness to the real-time acting out of the Kübler-Ross behavioral model of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. For the duration of the discussion, the political spectrum orientation of the listener doesn't seem to matter, since the topical reactions and counter-bullet points are always the same. The debates are never linear, but desultory.  And the satisfaction is in the observation of dominant human nature as it dictates the repetition of behavioral responses to Birther political stimuli. Discussions with actual politicos, such as direct talks with Congressman Brian Bilbray, are particularly revealing, in that one presupposes that once the facts are discussed, there is a presumption that the...(Read Full Article)