Catch-22 on Poverty and Welfare

Behold poverty's Catch-22: The left wails about poverty, demands ever more trillions of dollars in government spending to fight it, and then ignores that spending when counting the poor. How did we get here? To the average American, the word "poverty" implies significant material deprivation, an inability to provide a family with adequate nutritious food, reasonable shelter, and clothing. Activists reinforce this view, declaring that being poor in the United States means being "unable to obtain the basic material necessities of life." The mainstream media amplify the idea: Most news stories on poverty feature homeless families, people living in crumbling shacks, or lines of the downtrodden eating in soup kitchens. But the actual living conditions of America's poor are far different from -- read: better than -- what these media images convey. Which is a big relief, since nearly every year for the past two decades, the U.S. Census Bureau has reported that more than 35 million Americans...(Read Full Article)