California's Newest Job-Killer

The job-killing internet sales tax law just signed by Governor Jerry Brown will only accelerate the decline of our most populous state. Consider the facts.  Already, on the recent ranking of states on the basis of their tax climates done by the Tax Foundation, California is almost at the bottom at #49.  On the ranking of states for economic freedom done by the Mercatus Center, it stands at a risible #48. Moreover, as business relocation consultant Joe Vranich reports, California has seen a rapidly increasing business flight.  California was averaging one "disinvestment event" (read: a business either relocating an existing facility to or deciding to open a new facility in another state) per week in 2009.  Last year it jumped to an average of 3.9 disinvestment events a week.  So far this year, this benighted state has seen that average soar to 5.4 a week. The business exodus is so pronounced that some California state legislators -- accompanied, ironically...(Read Full Article)