Boehner's 12 Member Commission Political Game

As America approaches the limit of the national credit card, the bargaining in Washington D.C. is going fast and furious.  One thing about which the Democrats and the establishment Republicans are in agreement is that the debt limit must be raised.  Both believe it is time to add the 30th credit card to the wallet of the American people and max it out.  Each party has different plans to accomplish the task of digging America deeper in the hole. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) of the Senate is pushing a plan that would cut a paltry 270 billion from the budget, but he sums it up for 10 years, calls it 2.7 trillion and thinks the American people are stupid enough to buy it.  So you would think that the Republican leadership would come up with something full of common sense. Alas that is not the case. Boehner's proposal is at best a political game and at worst outright unconstitutional. There is no basis in the Constitution for Congress being able to abrogate...(Read Full Article)