Birther Card: Coulter's Turn

The Birther Card game continues, with Obama's long-form birth certificate on top of the pot and "Made in the USA" coffee mugs around the table. Watching the match unfold leads me to agree with Donald Trump: lots of smart people are birthers, and they don't like the way the game has been played.  I suspect most Americans do not appreciate the fact that the issue has been played as a game at all -- both by the mainstream media and the President himself. If polled the usual question: "Do you believe Obama was born in Hawaii?" -- Obama's behavior would provoke me (even though I do believe he was) to answer, "Beats me!"  (I plan on wearing my Obama "Made in the USA" t-shirt so they won't ask.)  Regardless, even a "Yes" response, if not followed with denouncements of all doubters, may still earn a Republican the label of racist birther. Ann Coulter, in her otherwise brilliant new book, Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America, addresses the birther issue, which she...(Read Full Article)