Betty Ford's Civility

Betty Ford was laid to rest this week but not before giving instructions to have her eulogizers take one last back-handed slap at the rabble that is now the Republican Party.  In personally selecting Rosalynn Carter and NPR Commentator Cokie Roberts to chastise today's politicos for their hard-edged partisanship, the former first lady went out with a final twist of irony. "Mrs. Ford wanted me to remind everyone of the way things used to be in Washington," said Roberts, daughter of former Democrat House Leader Hal Boggs.  "I wouldn't be at all surprised if she timed her death to make sure she could convey the message of comity during this week when it seems so badly needed."  Macabre enough? Roberts has reflected fondly upon her many youthful memories of attending dance lessons with the daughters of Republican luminaries, reveling together at the many lovely soirées in the Congressional Club and modeling the latest Parisian offering at Capitol Hill fashion shows. ...(Read Full Article)