Barack Obama, Prince of Gloom

With almost perfect and abject symmetry Barack Obama stood at a podium in the Rose Garden addressing the nation's latest depressing employment figures as the last space shuttle flight prepared to blast off from the Kennedy Space Center. Our ever-worsening levels of joblessness and the end of American manned space flight are both Obama's handiwork.  He owns them.  Everything he touches seems to crumble to dust.  He is national failure incarnate and even the famous Misery Index -- unemployment plus inflation -- is higher now than at any other time since 1983.  It's becoming increasing clear that we have to retire Obama from politics in 2012 not only to rescue our economy but to lift the pervasive air of gloom that hasn't weighed as heavily on America since the days of Jimmy Carter. The June jobs report that Obama had to fess up to was described by two noted economists as "extraordinarily disappointing" and "abysmal". While most expectations for the number of new jobs...(Read Full Article)