Baltimore, We Have a Problem

A scandal rocking the Baltimore public schools exposes a serious problem in the educational bureaucracy -- and in the local media. The Maryland version of the achievement tests mandated by the No Child Left Behind Act are the MSA (Maryland School Assessment) tests.  In May of 2010 an 18-month investigation into George Washington Elementary School culminated with the conclusion by Baltimore City investigators that school administrators had erased thousands of wrong answers on the MSA tests and had changed them to the right answers. In the summer of 2010, a second Baltimore City School, Abbottston Elementary School, fell under suspicion.  As a result, Baltimore City Schools spent nearly $400,000 to insure that the 2011 tests were on the level, going to unprecedented lengths, including an ominous video message telling of dire consequences if more cheating was discovered. They made it nearly impossible for the administrators to change the students' answers before the tests were...(Read Full Article)