Aunt Lucy Didn't Send the Sheriff

When I was a boy, Mom insisted I go visit Aunt Lucy at her small house near the creek.  I went reluctantly since Aunt Lucy liked to talk about family history and always kept her house a comfortable 85 degrees, tempting a young boy to nod off. Aunt Lucy was really a great aunt, my maternal grandfather's sister.  When Aunt Lucy's grandfather died, her grandmother, Ann, came to live with Aunt Lucy and her husband until Ann's death in 1916.  Later, when Aunt Lucy's father Emannuel died, she took care of her mother Nancy until Nancy died.  Aunt Lucy accepted without question that it was her moral responsibility to care for her own family.  She never tried to shift that responsibility onto others, either directly or through the government.  To exist "on the dole" or be dependent on the charity of others would have been a moral lapse, a personal failing, and a disgrace.  Such had been the moral standard for Aunt Lucy and her ancestors, (simple, self-reliant...(Read Full Article)