Are Jews Permitted to Doubt The New York Times?

Courage comes in many forms. But the rarest form of courage, it seems to me, is for a true addict to give up his (or her) New York Times. That seems to go double or triple for the NYT's Jewish readers, who cling to its daily prophetic utterances with truly Biblical fervor: "absolute truth."  My sample is biased, obviously, since I hang around with conservatives and such (yech!), but I can think of only one Jewish friend who has ever confessed to dumping All the News You Are Fit to Read. And he's a conservative, so he doesn't count. Jews get a contradictory press. Judging by the MEMRI website, which does a heroic job of translating the Muslim media, a billion of the Faithful on Earth devoutly believe  that Jews are running the world, which is why there's so much Evil around these days.  Then there are those who believe that Jews are running the world, and that's why it keeps staggering along regardless, come hell or high water. Some people even think Jews are not running...(Read Full Article)