An American First, Always, and Last: a Response to Critics

My last essay, "Identity Politics: the denial of American Exceptionalism," drew quite a lot of fire for its specific condemnation of white nationalism, a point that was, in fact, not the primary focus of the article.  The article rather broadly asserts that identity politics by any group of people -- minority groups, as well as European-Americans -- is destructive and ultimately contrary to the exceptional basis of our society. The piece, as well as a previous one, entitled "Sole Loyalty: the Identity Politics of Immigration Reform," was reposted to the white nationalist website American Renaissance.  Regardless of the fact that these discussions took a strongly anti-amnesty and pro-conservative approach, each piece nevertheless received vitriolic condemnation from some readers.  In a response that betrays the raw tribal rage that underlies all identity-based political movements, some readers commented by pointing out what they assumed was my ethnicity and birth and...(Read Full Article)