Among the Tax-takers

I worked for the IRS and survived.  I learned about taxpayers, but the really interesting part of it was learning about tax-takers. We all have this vague notion of people who don't pay taxes but receive money from Uncle Sam in what euphemistically is called a tax refund.  That's what I had, a vague notion, until I was forced to close my business in 2010.  I took a seasonal job with the Internal Revenue Service to get some household cash flow going.  We "Timmy Geithner warriors" were appalled by what we learned. We generally knew that 47 percent of our population pays no income taxes whatsoever.  However, we didn't know, and I suspect that very few of you know, how much of your tax money is actually given to non-taxpayers -- in a lump sum, to do with as they please.  Over lunch we joked that half the tattoo parlors in America would go under without Uncle Sam's largesse.  Only later I learned that was closer to the truth than a joke. Like most...(Read Full Article)