American Exceptionalism and Identity Politics

Dean Malik has recently written a piece for American Thinker in which he contrasts what he calls "American exceptionalism" (AE, from this point onward) with "identity politics."  The former is good, he maintains, while the latter is bad.    This essay is problematic for a variety of reasons -- questionable presuppositions and unfair distortions continually rear their ugly heads.  First, I will focus on Malik's comments concerning AE.  Next, I will turn to his account of identity politics, with particularly close attention paid to his remarks in connection to what he refers to as "white supremacy."    American Exceptionalism (AE) Interestingly, Malik fails to explicitly define the notion for which his essay is an apology.  Fortunately, this in and of itself doesn't pose much of an obstacle to engaging his argument, for what he does say coincides closely enough with prevailing understandings of AE.  The idea that Malik appears to...(Read Full Article)