American Amnesia

Alzheimer's is one of the most terrifying diseases because it is the thief of memory.  And, without memory, we know neither where we have been nor where we are capable of going.  Rather, we exist in a perpetual present, futile because it leaves no trace. As tragic as this is for an individual, how much more so is it for a nation and a people to lose the recall of their collective identity?  There can be no doubt that this is what is happening in the United States. Although there is an increasing awareness of the pitiful state of our educational system as a whole and the liberal bias and ideology that infects the teaching of history, that is only part of the problem.  Another aspect that moves beyond just the historical to include virtually all of the social sciences involves cultural literacy.  Though difficult to precisely define because it is forever evolving, cultural literacy includes not only what is formally learned but information acquired through the...(Read Full Article)