A World Food Crisis?

Forecasting world famines has become a favorite pastime for some: from the Reverend Thomas Malthus and more recently Paul Ehrlich to the Club of Rome and the Paddock brothers in the 1970s -- and of course, to Lester Brown, about once every decade.  The latest disaster forecast comes to us from climate alarmists who focus on a world food crisis, supposedly as a consequence of global warming (GW).  While there may well arise problems about world food, it is more than likely that a global warming -- if it does take place -- will increase food production rather than lower it.  So rest easy: another crisis averted. The main cause cited for a decrease is loss of soil moisture; but it should be obvious that any increase in global temperature will also increase evaporation from the oceans and therefore the total amount of global precipitation.  GW is a perfect recipe for creating more fresh water, which according to the alarmists is badly needed.  Of course, we cannot...(Read Full Article)