Sabotaging Conservative Victory

There's something we need to get straight before the election campaign seriously kicks off (I can't believe I'm writing that line over a year before the actual election. Something is seriously distorted in American politics): the possibility of extralegal political action on the part of the Obama administration. I've noticed quite a number of comments (I won't quote them directly since that would be taken as a personal attack, which is not how this is intended) claiming that Obama is certain to "call off" or "cancel" the elections.  That he will carry out a "coup."  Declare a state of "martial law" or a "national emergency."  All in hopes of extending his decrepit, incompetent, and despised administration as long as humanly possible. We've been hearing similar warnings every election since the turn of the century.  George W. Bush (or just as often, Dick Cheney) was going to cancel the 2008 election and put everybody in the FEMA camps.  Barack Obama was going...(Read Full Article)