A Nation of Enablers

If you have ever tried to help people who refuse to help themselves, chances are you've learned a painful lesson.  Persist as we might, it is a cruel exercise in futility.  Though our intent is to help, we're really only enabling, actually aiding in the other party's self-destructive behavior. Benevolence is instinctive in most of us.  We are eager to help those in need, particularly those closest to us: our family members, friends, and co-workers.  Often, out of a desire to make a positive difference in the life of someone we care about, we step into the breach, believing we can fix a troubled person or his circumstances. In doing so, over time we condition ourselves to tolerate the intolerable.  We go along to get along.  Ultimately, our benevolent desires may get the best of us.  Rather than lifting up those we try to help, we often find ourselves dragged down to their self-induced level of misery. Nothing works.  Nothing ever gets...(Read Full Article)