A Governor Who Prays or Preys?

Conservative commentator Bill Bennett says that anyone looking for democracy, good government, business and job growth, the best medical care, a lower cost of living and taxes should look to Texas as the model and to Rick Perry as the model governor. Then there's California, left with a $26 billion budget deficit courtesy of its disgraced former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who fathered a "love child" with the family maid. According to ABC News, "stories of infidelity threatened early on to derail Schwarzenegger's candidacy. There were not only allegations of Schwarzenegger's cheating, but women also came forward saying that the movie star groped them." Comparing Texas with California, a reasonable person might conclude that there's a better chance of enjoying life, liberty and happiness in a state with a governor who calls people to pray as opposed to one who preys on women. Whoever said that zealots wanting to suppress religious freedom are reasonable people? Atheists and...(Read Full Article)