Why Newt?

It could be said that Newt Gingrich's campaign "problems" of late have put the White House beyond the former speaker of the House's reach.  The most recent issue was the defection of Newt's campaign staffers, who believed there was a strategy difference between themselves and Gingrich on how to move forward. But not so fast.  The departure of Gingrich's staffers is nothing more or less than a breath of fresh air -- after all, it is Newt himself, and not his campaign advisers, who is running for president. The fact is that Newt Gingrich has a vision on how to move this country forward, and his pragmatic approach to dealing with America's issues has worked in the past.  So while the light on his campaign might look dim, Gingrich in fact has a record that shines bright. Newt's revolution wasn't new, but the idea was lost amid bureaucracy and bloated government.  Nevertheless, the idea, as it was intended to be, molded government to the will of the American people....(Read Full Article)