What Religious Freedom Means in Vietnam

For many Vietnam veterans, Memorial Day was for remembering not only those Americans who died in the Vietnam War, but also our counterparts -- the Vietnamese, Laotians, and Cambodians who died fighting for freedom, and for all who still suffer persecution under the brutal communist regimes of those countries. It seemed that Vietnam's wave of human rights violations and religious persecution might have peaked with the arrest and detention of over 1,500 activists for democracy, human rights, and religious freedom prior to the nation's 11th Congress of the Communist Party, but the brutal communist regime may have outdone itself with last month's reported slaughter of over 75 ethnic Hmong Christians.  Hundreds more were wounded and/or arrested and taken to undisclosed locations. An estimated 9,000 Hmong, mainly Catholics and Protestant Christians, gathered in the Muong Nhe district in North Vietnam's Dien Bien province on May 1 to honor the beatification of Pope John Paul II....(Read Full Article)