Weiners, Wusses and Wonks

What hath Anthony Weiner wrought?  Clarity.  It is now crystal clear that our elites -- the ruling class, the insiders who tell us where, when, and how to live our lives--are nothing more than a collection of Wieners, Wusses and Wonks. And as surely as the words of telegraph inventor Samuel Morse ("What hath God wrought") signaled the beginning of the modern mass communication era and the transformation of the United States for the 20th century, so will this Democrat leader's grotesque digital dissemination of his private parts bring about the transformation needed by this century -- the realization that our political and media elites are among the worst this nation has to offer. As the New York Post headlined it, "Erections have consequences."  I am hopeful that this latest scandal will bring us to the realization as nothing else has that it is time to rid ourselves of the self-serving elites that have corrupted our institutions.  They have created, as Mark Steyn...(Read Full Article)