Weiners, Wusses and Wonks

What hath Anthony Weiner wrought?  Clarity. 

It is now crystal clear that our elites -- the ruling class, the insiders who tell us where, when, and how to live our lives--are nothing more than a collection of Wieners, Wusses and Wonks. And as surely as the words of telegraph inventor Samuel Morse ("What hath God wrought") signaled the beginning of the modern mass communication era and the transformation of the United States for the 20th century, so will this Democrat leader's grotesque digital dissemination of his private parts bring about the transformation needed by this century -- the realization that our political and media elites are among the worst this nation has to offer.

As the New York Post headlined it, "Erections have consequences."  I am hopeful that this latest scandal will bring us to the realization as nothing else has that it is time to rid ourselves of the self-serving elites that have corrupted our institutions.  They have created, as Mark Steyn of National Review puts it, "a spendaholic, grabafeelic, paramilitarized bureaucracy-without-end (that is) bankrupting" our future and killing this fine nation.  "Take back America" is more than just a Tea Party slogan; it is a precondition for restoring fiscal sanity and the opportunities that come from American exceptionalism. And from whom need we take it back? From a political and media elite populated by three classes of dysfunctional individuals: Weiners, Wusses, and Wonks. 

Weiners are vile and self-absorbed, interested in leveraging power for personal gain and control.  Pajamas Media notes that Rep. Anthony Weiner is not an isolated "freak" but "the norm" in Washington. This makes him a handy "poster-child for the battle against" what our institutions have become under the guidance of a ruling class that, historian Walter Russell Meade notes, "has grown so enamored of its own asserted superiority it has decided it has nothing at all to learn from the people it would presume to lead."  In other words, Democrat Anthony is one among many Weiners that come in all shapes and sizes in Washington, in the newsrooms of the mainstream media, amongst the educated classes.  They are typified by Beltway politicians of both parties who live by a Bizarro world version of John F. Kennedy's famous line, "Ask not what I can do for you, but what you can do for me." 

The mainstream media is largely all-Weiner-all-the-time, actively promoting policies that are destroying the United States as we know it while sneering at what MSNBC Democrat-turned-commentator Chris Matthews calls the culturally "backward" average American.  Weiners are characteristically hypocritical. Thomas Friedman, the New York Times columnist and mainstream Weiner who bills himself as a paragon of environmental consciousness, just this past week insisted that average Americans must "work less" and "own less" so as to conserve energy and save the earth. It is our civic responsibility to be content with the barest of lifestyles, he opined. Meanwhile, he and his wife empty-nest it in an 11,400 foot Maryland mansion worth almost $10 million. His Weiner-haus is just down the street from the Bethesda Country Club, where he hangs when he isn't jetting off to Aspen to enjoy being a "regular fixture" on the links of the Rocky Mountain resort-of-choice for the Beverly Hills set.  His hypocrisy has clinched the role of the New York Times as the nation's Weiner-of-record. 

Another category integral to our elites falls under the label of "Wusses." Ruling class Wusses -- based on the slang describing weak or timid individuals -- enable Weiners by imitation and ingratiation.  They are disproportionately Republican or self-described conservatives.  Examples include David Brooks of the New York Times admiring the pants and pedigree of the Weiner-in-Chief; Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney promoting state-level Obamacare and increased taxes to combat that elite staple, global warming; and South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham playing to the Beltway and media crowds by pushing open borders and amnesty.

Wusses are most identifiable by their plaintive cry, "Why can't we just get along?" They prize consensus and negotiation, especially shying away from controversies caused by values or beliefs.  Indiana Governor and conservative establishment favorite Mitch Daniels, for example, won his Wuss spurs from the elite media when he vowed not to address social issues of importance to the majority of Americans during his brief flirtation with a presidential run because firm opinions are a "wedge" between elite opinion-makers and the rest of the country.  By doing so, as Thomas Lifson of American Thinker noted, he was "endearing himself to the opposition" -- a key trait of the Washington elites. A ruling class Wuss is not defined by sexuality or lack thereof; rather, he or she is characterized by willingness to compromise on anything that remotely approaches a core American value. Combine a Weiner with a Wuss and you have a typical Washington Republican; Democrats, on the other hand, are known for being stand-alone Weiners with the occasional Wuss (a.k.a., Blue Dogs). 

And last, but not least, are the Wonks, those dedicated to creating policies for the rest of us. Wonks have an uncanny ability to make life considerably worse for non-elite Americans. Academic Wonks on the Obama economic team have produced "an unemployment catastrophe" that's "worse than in the Great Depression," observes Rich Lowry of National Review. This follows in the footsteps of the Wonks of Presidents Lyndon B. Johnson and Jimmy Carter, who gave us, respectively, the aggressively dismal failures of federal poverty and education programs.

And so Democrat Representative Anthony Weiner may have inadvertently done this nation a a great service. He is, indeed, a Weiner among Weiners. And, judging from the growing anger and disgust, he may be causing a great cry to go up from the land in advance of the 2012 election, "Off with their heads!" 

So to speak.

Stuart Schwartz, a frequent AT contributor, is on the faculty of Liberty University in Virginia.

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