UNRWA: Protesting Too Much

What do you do when your license to continue operating as a human service provider is about to come under review? If you are smart, you devise a two-pronged plan: provide evidence of the continuing need for your services, and attack those who criticize or question your operation. This is precisely what UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) -- a PR-savvy agency if ever there was one -- is doing in the run-up to the U.N. General Assembly vote on the renewal of UNRWA's mandate at the end of this month. Unfortunately for UNRWA, this time, it is seriously overplaying its hand.  It has been fairly successful until now with regard to convincing the world that Israel is responsible for the Palestinian Arab "refugees" remaining in limbo.  And UNRWA has as effectively provided a picture of overwhelming human hardship in Gaza. However, UNRWA has just issued a report that can be readily refuted.  In addition, official spokesperson...(Read Full Article)