Unreasonable Judge, Unreasonable Ruling

The latest chapter in the California Proposition 8 marriage saga involved a Motion to Vacate by marriage supporters on the grounds that Chief District Judge Vaughn Walker should have recused himself from the case.  Though Judge Walker's biased approach to the case has been well-documented (see The Prop. 8 Case Charade and Biased Judge on California's Proposition 8 Marriage Case), the motion was finally brought after Walker revealed upon his retirement that he was indeed a homosexual and that he had been in a 10-year homosexual relationship with another man. Most people can quickly see the conflict of interest in a committed homosexual man having the power to decide whether or not the law should permit him to marry the person with whom he has been in a relationship for ten years.  But Chief Judge James Ware, who was to decide whether or not Judge Walker should have recused himself, is not most people.  So some background on him is most appropriate.  In 1997,...(Read Full Article)