Twenty-Nine Reasons to Be Angry And/Or Scared

If you're not both angry and scared at the world's current situation, you're not paying attention. Rained out from a planned and anticipated golf game is not a good thing.  As a result, I find myself confined to the house and computer in a less than jovial mood and decided to list a few problems in the world today.  The list grew beyond my intentions. In no particular order, and hardly complete, is the following enumerated list: The Eurozone is imploding and likely will be unable to hold in its present constitution, if at all. Fiat currencies are being debased rapidly in a "beggar thy neighbor" attempt to juice domestic economies.  Competitive devaluations provide no advantage when other countries match the debauchery. More money/debt/federal spending is not economic policy if you view same as being able to fix or improve something.  Such action is merely political, a form of political propaganda to convince the masses that the...(Read Full Article)