Thoughts About My Dad

My 83-year-old dad has been a Christian minister most of my life.  I thought back to when I was a child, how even our neighborhood winos respected my dad; partly because he was a true man of God, but I believe mostly because Dad respected them.  Dad always greeted everyone with a smile and a cheerful, "Hello, how ya' doin'?" Though well versed in the Word of God, Dad's character and attitude were his greatest sermon.  The winos would aggressively protect us: "HEY, that's one of Reverend Moccasins (Marcus') kids, leave 'em alone!" I was around twelve years old when our family, Mom, Dad, and four younger siblings, moved out of a Baltimore city government housing project into our home in Pumphrey, Maryland; a black suburban community. Upon our arrival to Pumphery, the overgrowth in our back yard was at least six feet tall.  My entire family tackled the jungle.  An over-six-foot-tall, powerful, leather-skinned, hard-handed old working man appeared with a huge...(Read Full Article)