The Socialist Phobia of Scarcity

Well, my daughter's Brooklyn wedding went off without a hitch on May 21st, and the world didn't end.  That was fortunate, as it would have spoiled a wonderful event.  My new son-in-law is an enthusiastic member of ISO, the International Socialist Organization.  He is on the verge of a Master's in Political Science, with the goal of becoming a college professor.  With his philosophical bent, I think it's a slam-dunk.  Prestigious universities appear to value extreme radical leftism over all other qualifications for their faculties, so I expect he will be a very successful propagandist for young mushy minds. Per my wife's strict admonitions, I avoided all potentially incendiary topics of discussion in his presence before the wedding.  The happy couple departed on their honeymoon while my wife and I dog-sat for them in their Brooklyn apartment.  After their return from a lavish tropical paradise getaway, I spent the evening chatting with my new...(Read Full Article)