The Piñata of Spring

The sweet bouquet of the Arab Spring has somehow managed to obscure the outright onslaught now underway by Team Obama, which to the horror of former supporters of the President within the pro-Israel camp, is shaping up as the diplomatic equivalent of the Tet Offensive.  Designed to bring Netanyahu to the mat, the latest blitz has been cleverly packaged, Chicago-style, as a diplomatic protection plan.   The coming vote in the United Nations General Assembly this September in support of a unilaterally declared Palestinian State, presumably along the Obama designated "67 lines with swaps" would for Israel be a diplomatic hot potato of unimaginable consequence. So the Obama Administration, led by none other than American ambassador to the UN ( "end military aid to Israel")Susan Rice, has offered to corral the major UN players to "encourage" the Palestinian delegation to reconsider the floating of the unilateral declaration. On a recent trip to Israel, I actually asked the Prime...(Read Full Article)