The Oedipal Left

Sigmund Freud had a nasty mind. The question today is, was Freud's mind nasty enough? To understand the Oedipal Left, for example. I've never known what to think about Freud's Oedipus myth, the uprising of the archaic sons to kill the father of the clan, and steal the women.  It's all supposed to be unconscious, which makes it hard to tell if it's nonsense or not.  Freud's idea of the Oedipus Complex was based of his lifelong study of dreams, especially his own.  Or maybe he just had a nasty mind. The one Oedipal drama I keep seeing in real life is the left.  They just keep doing it over and over again, as if they're compulsively playing Oedipus Rex.  Google shows 2,580,000 hits for the phrase "Kill your parents."  It has more than 8,000,000 hits for "fxxx your mother." That doesn't sound like a conservative slogan. Was Oedipus a leftie? The left is a huge, power-hungry, mass-manipulating, community disorganizing, grandiose, world-conquering movement,...(Read Full Article)