The Oedipal Left

Sigmund Freud had a nasty mind. The question today is, was Freud's mind nasty enough?

To understand the Oedipal Left, for example.

I've never known what to think about Freud's Oedipus myth, the uprising of the archaic sons to kill the father of the clan, and steal the women.  It's all supposed to be unconscious, which makes it hard to tell if it's nonsense or not.  Freud's idea of the Oedipus Complex was based of his lifelong study of dreams, especially his own.  Or maybe he just had a nasty mind.

The one Oedipal drama I keep seeing in real life is the left.  They just keep doing it over and over again, as if they're compulsively playing Oedipus Rex.  Google shows 2,580,000 hits for the phrase "Kill your parents."  It has more than 8,000,000 hits for "fxxx your mother."

That doesn't sound like a conservative slogan.

Was Oedipus a leftie?

The left is a huge, power-hungry, mass-manipulating, community disorganizing, grandiose, world-conquering movement, which always recruits its storm troopers from teenage males.  When liberals are in power, so is sexual promiscuity.  It's hard to avoid the suspicion that those "idealistic" rebels just want power and free sex, hetero, homo, cats or dogs.  Like Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton.

"Revolution" means overturning the existing order.  That would be the "patriarchy," as the feminists like to call it, the Daddies of this world.  When he was destroying Cambodia, Pol Pot sent all the teachers he could catch to the death camps.  Today, a lot of bored teenagers in high school probably think that's a great idea.  Off with the teachers!  Down with authority!

When revolutionaries get their way they become Authority with a capital A.  It's never the poor and the victim groups who get the benefits.  It's the lefties themselves.  Talk about unmitigated greed for power and goodies.  The rationales for revolution keep changing, but the selfishness and power hunger are always the same.

Maybe Oedipus is the reason why the Left has such a bond with reactionary Islam, which also managed to destroy advanced civilizations after the 7th century: The Persian and Byzantine Empires, for example.  Today Muslim suicide bombers are still dreaming of a Paradise filled with sex slaves, as soon as they've blown up some civilized people.  Well, teens will be teens, even in 7th century Arabia.

Defiant posters of Che and Mao decorate dormitory walls all over the Western world.  Both of those celebrated heroes of the left were cold-blooded killers, though Mao killed forty million more people than Che.  But Che talked a good game about his desire to kill off the bourgeoisie...who are always, always just like their own parents.  Those hero posters have been on those dormitory walls for decades, because nothing is more repetitive than Oedipal rebellion.

Freud scores big on that one.

The left always claims to be new, but it's the oldest power trip in human history.  Even monkey clans get together to overthrow the A males.  On the left every traditional value is slandered, ridiculed, and finally made illegal.

The giveaway is absolutism.  Rational people see pros and cons.  The left only sees the Children of Light (themselves) against the Children of Darkness (everybody else).  That's why killing comes so easily when the time comes.  Satellite photos now show that North Korea has death camps for about 200,000 people.  Everybody is just starved and worked to the limits, except for the Kim dynasty, who are the fatties.

No conservatives are as anti-science and anti-technology  as the Green left.  Global Warming megafraud is a typical product of their lock-step minds.  It's planet-saving grandiosity, unbelievably expensive, shot through with corruption and double-dealing, and blatantly false.  Mitt Romney believes in Global Warming because he's read about it in the paper.  He can't actually have thought about it. It doesn't stand up to skeptical examination.

Conservatives are not against change.  Conservatives love new things that are likely to be good.  We love our computers.  We love modern medicine and advances in beneficial technology.  It's capitalism and free thought that keep changing things for the better.  Conservatives always try to figure out which changes are good, and which ones are bad.  The left infallibly makes the wrong choices. It's the "progressive" thing to do.

Example? The marvelous discovery of deep shale hydrocarbon deposits all over the world, and of technology that can turn them into a vast supply of clean natural gas.  The left is desperately looking for excuses to block shale-based natural gas.  If they can't stop it, they will try to tax it, and with any luck they will tax it to death.  That's progress for ya.

It's the left that rants against our precious gifts from the Industrial Revolution, including abundant food production, medicines, and a thousand other useful inventions.  The left is agin' it all, without ever thinking about costs and benefits.  That is the mark of unreason. 

Freud spent a lifetime studying the varieties of human irrationality.  His answer was not to make people happy, but to make them into reasonable adults.  At exactly the same time the Soviet Union pursued the New Soviet Man program, which was supposed to condition people to turn into superworkers who didn't eat too much.  It's an interesting contrast between Freud and the Soviets.

China is building a new coal-fired power plant every day, and expanding its use of coal in steel-making.  That's because steel cannot be smelted without coal, and other fuels don't burn hot enough.  Even Lenin understood that.  Today the left wants to kill off the cheap and abundant fuel that made the Industrial Revolution possible.  This is mindless. 

If you think about their list of issues, the left is opposed to every good, compassionate, and humane thing.

1. Item.  Obama thinks the Constitution is too much of a barrier against his own off-the-wall brainstorms, which are always better than anything the founders dreamt of.  But the founders knew about narcissistic Napoleon types, who always lead to disaster.  They saw all that bloody head-chopping in the French Revolution and didn't like it.  Then Napoleon, the "man on a white horse," rose to power from the chaos of revolutionary France, and went on to kill tens of millions of people from Spain to Russia.  Not good.

But Obama took his "Audacity of Hope" slogan from Napoleon.  He believes in an imperialistic creed with himself as l'Empereur.

2. Item.  Sexual identity.  Elementary school kids should be taught they aren't necessarily boys or girls.  They could be "none of the above."

2. Item.  Heroes.  Americans used to admire Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln.  Today we worship the grunge rock star of the week.

3. Item.  Men, women, and power.  Men used to vote and speak in the townhall meetings.  They had public power.  Women used to govern the home, including their husbands.  Well, OK, let's have equality instead.  But radical feminists demand, not equality, but gender favoritism in hiring, promotion, education, and media propaganda.  (Except for Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.)

4. Item.  Race.  African-Americans were treated dreadfully during slavery and Jim Crow.  But a giant political movement, the Abolitionists, built up huge pressure to abolish slavery before the Civil War.  Six hundred thousand Americans died in that war, and it's simply a lie that it wasn't fought about slavery.  It was, both about slavery and the Union.

But today, fifty years after Martin Luther King, Obama wants more.  His Third World ideology wants to pit all the "people of color" against all the palefaced oppressors.  Obama doesn't stop with equality.  He seeks retribution. 

5. Item.  Fantasy answers to non-existent problems.  The whole ObamaCare debate was an example of fantasy-based legislation, totally ignoring little things like the Federal budget.  The banner of universal health care is only about empowering the left.  If the Democrats cared about health, they would have voted for Health Savings Accounts during the Gingrich Congress, fifteen years ago.  But they don't.  It's all Power to the People!  As long as the People knuckle under to the new ruling class.

The Nazis, another romantic revolutionary gang, liked to shout that "Alles muss anders sein."  Everything must be different.  Everything must change.

So...I'm still a skeptic about Uncle Siggie's Oedipus Complex.

But I do wish the left would stop making the case for Freud, over and over again.

Tell them to stop it already!

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