The Golf Summit

Well, dear readers, this is certainly embarrassing.  While middle-class Americans suffer the ever-more-disastrous consequences of ruling-class profligacy, unfettered public debt, and the immoral greed of corporate and banking oligarchs, our President and the Speaker of the House schedule a golf summit tomorrow.  On the links, these two will -- no doubt -- share a few beers and deign to throw out a couple of winks and nods to us little people of the productive class. Golfing while our Republic burns. How apropos for the modern era.  Quite the evolutionary leap for civilization, is it not?  From ancient Rome and their backward ole fiddling, our oh-so-enlightened leaders have discovered the hidden power of the 18 links. I can almost hear the merry twosome's economic-fix proclamation now: Hey!  Why don't we all just go play golf? Now, that's one heck of a bipartisan solution, folks.  The Democrat social-justice king and the country-club Republican may next be...(Read Full Article)